Sunday, 31 January 2016

West Wings "de Havilland D.H. 80A Puss Moth"

Back in May last year I received a West Wings D.H. 80A Puss Moth scale free flight kit for my birthday.  I've refrained from opening the kit and starting it until I completed my Wakefield, which took far longer to finish than I expected.  Now that model is completed, I can at at last get cracking on this fun little plane.

I normally really enjoy West Wings kits (they make nice presents, hint hint), their models are well designed, easy and interesting to build and the kits contain quality plans and materials.  This model has a 24.5" wingspan and is complete with appropriately coloured blue and silver tissue and decals.

The design looks very promising with high wing mount, large wing area and hopefully low weight, it should be stable flier.  Although I'm going to keep to the rubber powered design, apparently some folk have converted it to electric power, so that looks like an interesting option to try out if I attempt a second build.  Hopefully I can get this one built before Summer 2016 arrives!


  1. Ive had the same kit for many years unopened. Maybe now is the time to start

  2. I hope you have a fun time with this build. Do you have a method for keeping "in process" models (when they need to be set aside) safe and everything all together?
    I have thought about making several rubber powered designs as electric RC, but I have not done it yet.
    Your plan to look at that as an option for a second build seems like a good way to go.
    As I get older I find I am more willing to follow directions the first time I do something -- but it is still a rare occurance.